1. N

    Help needed. Gecko might be dying :(

    Hello. Recently we had a huge snow storm and I didn't feed my gecko for four days. When we finally got crickets she wouldn't eat them. I usually hand feed her crickets but she just tries to climb the glass walls of her cage. I do not know what is wrong. I think she is about 9 years old. I am so...
  2. A

    HELP! Beginner Owner and Gecko not Eating

    Hi! I have a leopard gecko named Arrow and he is a few months old.He is getting pretty big. We only just upgraded his cage and we have yet to fill it up more. He currently sleeps all day and has stopped eating :( I am a beginner in not only Leopard Geckos but all lizards and I have a few...
  3. geckoboa

    Freedom Breeder 6 level rack(26 tray)

    I have this older style freedom breeder rack, which a lot of people prefer, that I have no use for anymore. It has 2 levels of the split small reptiles trays, 2 levels of the regular small trays, and 2 levels of the medium reptile trays. Everything works perfect including all the heat panels. I...
  4. W

    Solid Mahogany Display Cage

    For sale is a beautiful custom built solid mahogany cage. Living dimensions are 48" high, 29" long, and 20" wide. Overall cage height is over 6'. Bottom interior of cage has a waterproof coating that is virtually indestructible. Cage has a drain for easy cleaning. Excellent display cage. Asking...
  5. T

    Caging Requirements

    thinking about getting one (maybe 2) of these critters, wouldn't want to spend over 100$ on the cage, any suggestions?? thanks