food advice

  1. dogplanes

    Food Refusal. Need Advice

    My leopard gecko, Archie (male), is about a year old (14 months, I think). I got him last september from a good breeder. He has always eaten mealworms. Now, I know leos can be notoriously picky, but I still worry, because he has gone mostly off feed for about 2 weeks now, out of the blue. At one...
  2. D

    Feeding advice/ help!

    Hello! This is our Leo! He all of a sudden stopped eating 4 weeks ago and has not had a meal since!! He has shed within that time and ate his skin but still refuses to even look at a single meal worm. I am at a complete loss after trying lots of different things and just want to see if anyone...
  3. Sarcasticghost

    Gecko Won’t Eat?

    Hello, I work at a petstore and a customer came in looking to surrender their leopard gecko to the store. The store doesn’t take in animals but I decided to take it home. I was informed they got it 7 months ago and that it didn’t eat much and had trouble catching bugs. Looking at it is...
  4. BellaBrownies

    My 8 Year old female is not taking food

    Problem: I have had my Gecko (meejee, 8, female) for 8 years and she has never had any complications. I have been housing her and feeding her the same way throughout her entire life. I don't know what is happening now that is effecting her, but she is no longer taking food from me. I can't just...
  5. T

    Food advice for Paroedura ibityensis

    I’ve recently added one of these geckos to my collection. I’m having some trouble finding insects suitable for him. I’ve tried small crickets and small meal worms but he hasn’t eaten any of them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!