My 8 Year old female is not taking food


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Problem: I have had my Gecko (meejee, 8, female) for 8 years and she has never had any complications. I have been housing her and feeding her the same way throughout her entire life. I don't know what is happening now that is effecting her, but she is no longer taking food from me. I can't just leave food in a bowl either, because her tank-mate eats like crazy. I have tried feeding her grub pie from Repashy, but she wasn't interested in that either. I've been weighing her and she seems to be a good weight, she isn't lanky/skinny, and she is still very active/curious. Just hasn't been taking/been interested in food. It's getting to a point where i'm really worried and might bring her to the vet, I just wanted some tips from you guys first. Thanks. All info below.

EDIT: more info about my second gecko/her tank mate. I got Pika a year ago at a convention, they get along great and Pika eats great. Pika weighs in at about 66 grams.
About my leo:
- Female
- 8 Years old, weighs 54-56 grams
- Owned her for 8 Years, bought when she was a hatchling
- Where was he/she obtained: Petsmart

A) Health/History
- How often do you handle your leo: A few times a week, she loves to explore her cage and my bed.
- Is your leo acting any different today?: everything is normal, just not taking food/showing interest.
- Has he/she had any problems in the past, if so please describe: No
B) Fecals
- Describe: Look normal
- When was the last time he/she went: Not sure, two leopard geckos in tank
C) Problem
- Meejee, my gecko, has all of a sudden not taken interest in food. I usually feed crickets or superworms, and I have even tried giving her "Repashy" grubpie, which she didn't care for either.

A) Enclosure
- Size: 20 Gallon tank
- Type: Glass tank, screen lid
- Type of substrate: I use reptile carpet, and on the cold side I have a moist log hide where I use loose coconut fiber from Zoo Med
- Hides, how many, what kind: 3 hides: one large cave on the hot side, a tiny log in the middle, and a large log for cold side.
B) Heating
- Heat source: I have a under-tank heater which is underneath the large cave hide, and I sometimes use a red heat bulb if i'm using lots of fans in my room.
- Cage temps: Hot side, usually 89-92(if I use bulb). Cold side, usually 75.
- Method of regulating heat source
- What are you using to measure your temps: zoo med digital thermometer
- Do you have any lights (describe): Red heat bulbs which I dont use 100% of the time
C) Cage mates
- How many: 2 females, Meejee the 8 year old, Pika the 2 year old female.
- Describe health, or previous problems: No previous problems

Describe Diet:
A) Typical diet
- What you're feeding (how often, how much): Superworms every other day, sometimes crickets
- How are you feeding : Hand feeding, sometimes just leaving in dish. However because Meejee isn't taking food, I always try to hand feed her.
B) Supplements (describe how often)
- What vitamin/minerals are you using: I use flukers repta calcium for dusting food, but I also leave out a D3 free calcium in a bowl for them to eat from
- What are you gut loading food with: nothing, I just dust them.
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I have had it happen many times that geckos go on huger strikes and don't eat for weeks or more. If she's not losing weight (tail not getting smaller) and is normal in every other way, just keep offering and wait it out. If you have any sense that the other gecko is somehow dominating her (it can be subtle), maybe you could separate them for a few weeks and see if that makes any difference.


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