1. M

    My New Gehyra Marginata (Up for suggestions on his name)

    Yes I am asking the community for suggestions on his name, we first thought Mahina which is Hawaiian for moon, but further research showed it as a female name so that is a no go.
  2. Z

    Getting Worried about my Giant Day Gecko, desperate for help!

    Hello everyone. I've had my Madagascar Giant Day Gecko for a few weeks now. I originally bought the Exo Terra bamboo forest kit from a local pet store and set it all up, when I got him and put him in the enclosure he went right to the foam background to the top of the tank and hung out there for...
  3. C

    Giant White & Yellow het for Tremper

    ID: G1-1-15 Giant White & Yellow het for Tremper Male born on 7/31/15 Current Weight = 113 grams $110 Shipped. Craig 509-808-1611 Check out 'CNS Geckos' on Facebook
  4. C

    Giant White & Yellow het for Tremper

    ID: F1-5-15 Giant White & Yellow het for Tremper w/ paradox spot Male born on 7/20/15 Current Weight = 120 grams $150 Shipped. Craig 509-808-1611 Check out 'CNS Geckos' on Facebook
  5. C

    Giant Designer het for Tremper

    ID: D1-7-15 Giant Designer her for Tremper Male born on 6/26/15 Current Weight = 120 grams $120 Shipped Craig 509-808-1611
  6. C

    Giant White & Yellow het for Tremper

    ID: C1-6-15 Giant White&Yellow het for Tremper. Male born on 6/10/15. Current Weight = 110 grams $110 shipped. Craig 509-808-1611
  7. W

    something you dont see everyday

    My good friends over at KC exotics in Gloucestershire UK are taking care of not just 1 but 4 Giant Sungazers (Smaug giganteus) These are very epic lizards indeed. I had to take some pics
  8. J

    injured halmahera!!!! someone please help.

    my cat snatched my little buddy from off my shoulder. its never happened before. now he has a huge chunk of skin ripped off. is he gonna die? is there some kind of care or treatment i can do to help him. ive help injured reptiles before but never a gecko. so far my research has told me that...
  9. T

    $550.00 shipped for trio breeding group

    For sale here are three giant leopard geckos. They are a tremper breeding group with a giant tremper albino sunglow male, giant tremper albino sunglow female, and a giant het tremper albino female. All together they are $550.00 shipped. First pic male, second female sunglow, third het tremper...
  10. B&B Geckos

    Tangerine Female

    Unique tangerine. High-white sides, sporadic red highlights with lavender on head. Very robust. Gecko Genetics/Blood x Blood/Torrid/ Electric/Emerine. Mother is 10" long and over 100 grams (I've a purple head line tang male to cross with her, if interested in project). Tangerine 6RD1 Sex...
  11. GreatGeckos

    Giant pos super giant female raptor

    Sold Sold
  12. S

    Giant raptor female!

  13. A

    Giant or Super Giant Blizzard Female

    I'm very interested in buying a giant or super giant female blizzard leopard gecko. Wouldn't prefer hets , just normal blizzard, but willing to buy hets. If your selling one please contact me.
  14. geckoboa

    Website updated!! Over 55 geckos available!

    We just did a major update to our website. All pictures and weights are now up to date. Make sure to check out all three pages. Many ready to breed adults on page three. As always $45 overnight shipping nationwide! For the first availability updates check out our Facebook page. Questions email...
  15. Landen

    2012 Available - FB Update

    I'll be vending at July 28th-29th here in Arlington Tx and many of these will not make it back I'm sure! I can hold until temps are safe to ship (Sept-ish) if needed but will require full payment to hold. Please msg me on FB if interested as I'll get notification much faster than on GF...
  16. geckoboa

    Giant Snow Reverse stripe Raptor Female-2011

    I decided to let one of these gorgeous females go. She was born late 2011 and is 50% possible Super Giant! Also 50% poss het Blizzard(Diablo Blanco). Get a step up on making Super Giant Snow Diablo Blancos! She is priced at $400 plus a flat $45 shipping charge. Every time I clean her cage I...
  17. Landen

    Lavender Snow Tremper poss Giant Female

    2011 Lavender Snow Tremper possible Giant Female - $60.00 ID# - KM6A-082011 Hatch Date - 08/20/2011 Weight - 22grams Mom - Lavender Tremper Stripe Dad - Giant Snow Tremper Stripe All of my gecko's are hand raised from hatching. I breed my own Superworms which are organically grown...
  18. geckoboa

    Tremper Giants, Red Stripe Bells, Sunglows, and more.

    These are packed with genetics! Most are ready to breed! Check out the website. Many more like these available. Thanks! Tremper Giant 50% poss Super Giant. Godzilla line. Female $150 Red Stripe Bell 50% het Radar. Female $200 Bell Sunglow Female $140