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    ABDragons - Site Sponsor

    ABDragons is owned and ran by run by Reno and Tony Lucarelli. ABDragons has been in business for over 5 years and is located in Chesterland, Ohio. Reno become interested in reptiles at age 11 when a lizard was loose at church and Reno tried chasing it down. ABDragons sells Dubia Roaches and...
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    Flex Watt Heat Tape and Set of clips and insulators Free Shipping

    1. MADE IN THE USA 2. Flex Watt Heat Tape (Width and Length Selected Above) 3. Different Sizes available (3 inch and 11 inch) 4. Ultra thin at just 0.012" thick! 5. Permanently sealed in a durable, tough flexible plastic coating so it can be used in many different heating applications 6. We...