high yellow

  1. Ares


    This is Ares! He was my brothers, but reptiles were just a phase for him so I took him a couple months back... Loving having him.
  2. Aurora


    My first leopard gecko, Aurora!
  3. LoveReps

    Normal or high yellow?

    Hey! I'm new here and I've never posted any threads or anything like this before. My first thread is probably going to be a stupid one but I just want to be sure :rolleyes: I have recently bought a juvenile leopard gecko from this hole in the wall pet store (I have another gecko from the same...
  4. S

    High-Yellow female subadult

    Hello. I am selling my female high-yellow leopard gecko. She's well loved and cared for I'm just not using her for a breeding project and want to make room for different geckos. She's healthy, feeds well, very tame and fed a diet of baby meal worms and crickets supplemented with Reptical...