1. CherryBlossom TheLeo

    What morph is my leopard gecko?

    Alright so we got my daughters leopard gecko, Cherry Blossom, in August. She was labeled as a hypo bell albino. I’m not going to lie I’m a little confused by what each morph means… I assume albino bell is the coloration of her, and hypo is the pattern or lack thereof. but I’m also not sure how...
  2. A

    What type of Leopard Gecko is this?

    I’m looking to figure out what type of morph this gecko is. I know it’s a leopard gecko. Believe it’s a marble hypo morph or super hypo. Can any1 help me figure out what type of this morph is? I can provide more photos if needed Photos don’t seem to be super high quality of the actual photo...
  3. Archie


    My first rescue, Archie! Now totally healthy and lookin good.
  4. J

    Morph question.... Hypo... Anything else?

    Hello! I have this sweet boy that I rescued a couple years back, and he's doing great now. But since he was a rescue, I don't really know his genes and whatnot. I know that he's a hypo, since he only has one spot on his body, but someone asked me recently if he was a hypo mack snow and I...
  5. J

    Questions regarding pricing

    I am having difficulty deciding what to price my offspring Leopard Geckos at. I have 5 of them (video links shown below). They all came from a Super-Hypo Tangerine Carrot-Tail Baldy mother and a normal (possible Giant?) father. This is the 1st in the clutch, hatched around Easter 2019, male...
  6. X

    Is this even possible? *genetics discussion*

    I think I may have a hatched out a hypo, but the parents aren’t hypo? I won’t be able to tell until adulthood, but so far it’s only developed 5 small dark spots, and 3 small lighter ones. The dam (3rd pic) is unknown origin, I got her from an ex co worker, and the sire (2nd) is supposedly a...
  7. W

    Anery Ultramel stunner

    Just waiting for her to start to ovulate then she's being put to a hypo plasma
  8. B

    Selected Hypo Leopards Geckos- Only $25+Shipping!

    Selected Hypo Leopard Geckos- Females Available Now! $25 each + Shipping ****Live Arrival Guaranteed**** You are purchasing the actual gecko pictured Hypo Leopard Gecko-#300 Click Here For Information About The Gecko & Purchasing...
  9. V

    Buy one get one 50% off until January 7th!

    For the first week of 2015, I'm doing a buy one get one 50% off sale. The 50% animal will be the one of lower value. I have four, possibly five leopard geckos for sale. I have a female leopard gecko, Bold Jungle morph. Wanted to breed her this past season, but she reaches a plateau in her...
  10. B

    Female hypo leather 4 inches $250

    Female hypo leather 4 inches $250 March 11th Sales List - Blood Bank Dragons Call Josh at (541) 914-4903
  11. B

    Male hypo leather tiger (partial dwarf?) 4 inches $250

    Male hypo leather tiger (partial dwarf?) 4 inches $250 Call Josh (541) 914-4903 See our sales list at March 11th Sales List - Blood Bank Dragons
  12. V

    A few Leopard geckos ready to go!

    First off I have a Juvenile Hypo normal het tremper albino tsf for sale. $45 Next is a sub adult Mack Snow male for sale. $50 Last is a proven breeder Bold stripe Mack Snow male. From Geckos Etc. $95 he has the tip of his tail missing and some of his toe tips are missing from shedding...