leopard cecko

  1. Gojira_0429

    Eye infection

    I have a 2 year old female who has always been healthy. About a week ago I noticed she wasn’t opening her eyes. I started doing warms soaks and saline and when she opened them they are gone. I looked up that I could be vitamin A and so I got a supplement. I am currently feeding her reptiboost...
  2. C

    I need a 'morph' advice

    Hello everyone! In advance, im sorry for me English, it's not my first language, so I hope i will be understandable. I own three female leopard geckos and I am starting to think about adding a male - hoping to reproduce them for the first time. I am reading a lot about leopard gecko breeding...
  3. WizardLizard

    Leo won’t eat? Help please!

    My leopard gecko Flitwick, Age - 1.5 years Morph - wild type (I think, bought from pet smart) Size - slightly smaller than normal Gender - male Tank size - 20 gallon tall Substrate - cocoa fiber carpet Temps - warm side 95-80 cold side 80-70 Humidity - varies from 20-40 Food - mealworms...
  4. Loulou

    Hi there! I'm Loulou and I have 2 geckos, Ho and Asia

    Hello! I have been on this forum briefly in the past but couldn't remember if I had introduced myself, so here it goes! I am mainly a turtle lover but also like lizards and have 2 leopard Geckos: Ho, a white leucistic adult male (age unknown but I'd guess 2-3 years old?)and Asia a...
  5. Kevin

    Collection for Sale

    Life changing events require that I sell my collection. I have spent the last year and a half putting this collection together and really hate to let them go. Anyway I have listed the breeding groups below with my asking price. Prices are negotiable as I need to move these quickly and the more...