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Hello everyone!

In advance, im sorry for me English, it's not my first language, so I hope i will be understandable.

I own three female leopard geckos and I am starting to think about adding a male - hoping to reproduce them for the first time. I am reading a lot about leopard gecko breeding, but still I am far away to be able to recognize and understand everything about their morphs.

So I would happily use any advice considering the morph of the potential male I will buy.

Right now I have following females:
- White&Yellow Radar
- Radar
- Sunglow (Albino Tremper, Tangerine, Super Hypo) Eclipse, poss. White&Yellow.

I definitely won't breed the White&Yellow Radar gecko, because she is a lot smaller then other two (even though all of them are 3 years old) and is inconsistent eater.

So the other two are left, and I know they are from two different albino lines, which should never be mixed.

Any advice what kind of male leopard gecko morph I should be looking for wanting to breed one of those two 'ladies'? Probably would prefer to find a singular morph to avoid too big chaos.

So I would really be thankfull for any advice from more experianced leopard gecko keepers and breeders.

Thanks in advance!

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