1. C

    Is it ethical to keep leo's in high humidity?

    In indonesia, leos are very popular pets. (and i mean very) Most people keep them in a high humidity environment since Indonesia has high humidity BUT i have never seen any leo get sick or have any problems with high humidity. Did they adapt to humidity or smth? I'm considering getting one if...
  2. bozz87

    Need help with mourning gecko (I'm a newbie gecko owner)

    Hi everybody, I'm here to ask advice about a mourning gecko I have from a couple of months. She's 10 months old and from about 3 days, I've noticed she randomly tremble for less than a second (like a spasm of the body); it seems like a hiccup. She also emits a strange sound doing this, like a...
  3. S

    Just curious…is my setup ok?

    Heya! V new to all this but have done a ton of research! Got a gecko today after overhyping ages and switching vivariums until I found this one with a gecko! The setup I have is a 3 1/2ft vivarium, wooden with a 2ft glass window at the top! I have a ceramic heater, a heat mat, a red bulb for...
  4. Gojira_0429

    Scared Juvenile

    I just adopted a juvenile leopard gecko from PetsSmart. We picked him (I think a boy) because he was the most active in the tank. He let me hold him at first and seemed okay and the suddenly freaked so I put him in his new home.. I’ve owned one before so I know he has a proper full set up. My...
  5. H

    Vivarium height ...

    Sooo my partner had a leopard gecko who sadly passed away 2 years ago at the ripe old age of 15. Since then we've bought a house and been renovating so it hasn't been the right environment for a new edition. It's a small house so there are limited places for a viv, I have set aside an alcove and...
  6. B

    Hello there! New crested gecko owner

    Hey everyone, My name's Bri and I'm from Washington state. I have one child, I work in healthcare, I'm a college student, and I love animals. I have a cat named Smokey, a 75 gallon freshwater aquarium, and a new crested gecko named Peanut. I believe it's a female, but she's still young. Peanut...
  7. D

    morph guide? (also, what morph are these?)

    these three little ones will move in with me this weekend i'm getting them for free from a private breeder, who said because they don't have their tails, nobody will want them BUT how can you not fall in love with these tiny little things? :) i am really bad at telling their colors apart, and...
  8. D

    brand new and excited

    hey :) i am a brand new gecko mom and also new to this forum about me: i'm from germany (so please excuse me if i don't use the proper terms for gecko-related things or mess up) i'm 33, working in a daycare/nursery about my geckos: i "adopted" a group of three young female leopard geckos (i...
  9. S

    Hello from Canada! (Crested Gecko Owner)

    Hello everyone, my name is Shannon! As you can see from the thread name I am indeed from Canada. I am major animal lover but more specifically, I am a huge reptile lover. I am currently in College for 3D animation but I work at a Pet shop as an animal care associate. Animals have always been...
  10. Emimee

    Newbie from Northeast Texas!

    Hello! I'm Emily Rose, and after impulse buying a gargoyle gecko at a herp expo in Austin this weekend, I decided it was time to find a good forum to get into! This isn't my first reptile, but it is my first gecko! His name is Aberforth and he is a very handsome young man!:smitten: I'm...
  11. C

    Hello from RI!

    Hey i'm Craig, from Rhode Island, i'm new to geckos and got my first gecko a week ago, it was a spontaneous decision, I just wanted to get a gecko, so I did a ton of research and went out after I knew everything I needed to get started, now I have a lil four month old leo named Leonardo :P. If...
  12. Leviathan-Cy

    New From Tennessee

    Ah, hello. I'm from the US, Tennessee to be more exact. I have big dreams but a long way to go. c: I hope I can learn a lot from all the experienced keepers here. My babies so far:
  13. J

    New to the Herp world.

    Hi my name is Jimmy Magee and I have always loved caring for all sorts of animals especially reptiles. I am now looking into breeding leopard gecko and hopefully making it a fun hobby for myself. I am doing it for the fun of the hobby more than the business, although I do plan on selling some...
  14. J

    Getting my first Gecko! :)

    Hello! I am new to the site, and about to be a new Leopard Gecko owner! I know all the basics of what I will need, I was just wondering if anyone had tips for places to get all the stuff. Im looking for good quality (safe) and a decent price. If anyone knows good brands or stores I would...
  15. B

    hi. newbie here

    hi.. my name bagus, 20years old from indonesia.. i had kept gecko for 1,5years.. glad to see u master... newbi,,