1. S

    Just curious…is my setup ok?

    Heya! V new to all this but have done a ton of research! Got a gecko today after overhyping ages and switching vivariums until I found this one with a gecko! The setup I have is a 3 1/2ft vivarium, wooden with a 2ft glass window at the top! I have a ceramic heater, a heat mat, a red bulb for...
  2. Gojira_0429

    Scared Juvenile

    I just adopted a juvenile leopard gecko from PetsSmart. We picked him (I think a boy) because he was the most active in the tank. He let me hold him at first and seemed okay and the suddenly freaked so I put him in his new home.. I’ve owned one before so I know he has a proper full set up. My...
  3. H

    Vivarium height ...

    Sooo my partner had a leopard gecko who sadly passed away 2 years ago at the ripe old age of 15. Since then we've bought a house and been renovating so it hasn't been the right environment for a new edition. It's a small house so there are limited places for a viv, I have set aside an alcove and...
  4. B

    Hello there! New crested gecko owner

    Hey everyone, My name's Bri and I'm from Washington state. I have one child, I work in healthcare, I'm a college student, and I love animals. I have a cat named Smokey, a 75 gallon freshwater aquarium, and a new crested gecko named Peanut. I believe it's a female, but she's still young. Peanut...
  5. D

    morph guide? (also, what morph are these?)

    these three little ones will move in with me this weekend i'm getting them for free from a private breeder, who said because they don't have their tails, nobody will want them BUT how can you not fall in love with these tiny little things? :) i am really bad at telling their colors apart, and...
  6. D

    brand new and excited

    hey :) i am a brand new gecko mom and also new to this forum about me: i'm from germany (so please excuse me if i don't use the proper terms for gecko-related things or mess up) i'm 33, working in a daycare/nursery about my geckos: i "adopted" a group of three young female leopard geckos (i...
  7. S

    Hello from Canada! (Crested Gecko Owner)

    Hello everyone, my name is Shannon! As you can see from the thread name I am indeed from Canada. I am major animal lover but more specifically, I am a huge reptile lover. I am currently in College for 3D animation but I work at a Pet shop as an animal care associate. Animals have always been...
  8. Emimee

    Newbie from Northeast Texas!

    Hello! I'm Emily Rose, and after impulse buying a gargoyle gecko at a herp expo in Austin this weekend, I decided it was time to find a good forum to get into! This isn't my first reptile, but it is my first gecko! His name is Aberforth and he is a very handsome young man!:smitten: I'm...
  9. C

    Hello from RI!

    Hey i'm Craig, from Rhode Island, i'm new to geckos and got my first gecko a week ago, it was a spontaneous decision, I just wanted to get a gecko, so I did a ton of research and went out after I knew everything I needed to get started, now I have a lil four month old leo named Leonardo :P. If...
  10. Leviathan-Cy

    New From Tennessee

    Ah, hello. I'm from the US, Tennessee to be more exact. I have big dreams but a long way to go. c: I hope I can learn a lot from all the experienced keepers here. My babies so far:
  11. J

    New to the Herp world.

    Hi my name is Jimmy Magee and I have always loved caring for all sorts of animals especially reptiles. I am now looking into breeding leopard gecko and hopefully making it a fun hobby for myself. I am doing it for the fun of the hobby more than the business, although I do plan on selling some...
  12. J

    Getting my first Gecko! :)

    Hello! I am new to the site, and about to be a new Leopard Gecko owner! I know all the basics of what I will need, I was just wondering if anyone had tips for places to get all the stuff. Im looking for good quality (safe) and a decent price. If anyone knows good brands or stores I would...
  13. B

    hi. newbie here

    hi.. my name bagus, 20years old from indonesia.. i had kept gecko for 1,5years.. glad to see u master... newbi,,