Getting my first Gecko! :)


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Hello! I am new to the site, and about to be a new Leopard Gecko owner! I know all the basics of what I will need, I was just wondering if anyone had tips for places to get all the stuff. Im looking for good quality (safe) and a decent price. If anyone knows good brands or stores I would appreciate it if you could let me know! Also, if you have any other tips for a new owner I would love to hear those too. I am very excited, just a little intimidated :)


Ridgewood, NJ
Hiya! Welcome to GF! First geckos are so exciting! Glad to hear you've read what you need and are learning more! Geckos are aweosme - IMO the least intimidating and coolest reptile pet to start out with.

I'm not a long-time expert but guess I might give the advice to keep it simple - an under tank heater and simple substrate (like tile or paper towels - just NO sand) and a few hides and a humidity chamber should do you well :)

I've gotten stuff through before and from local reptile expos - the expos definitely take the cake on price and variety! Where are you from? Someone could probably give you some advice on where a show near you might be.

Have fun looking around and meeting people!


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Where are you from? If you have a petco, they sometimes have a $1 per gallon sale. You could buy a 20 gallon long tank with a lid for around $35-40ish. Amazon has under tank heaters for around $20. While it is fine to get supplies from petco, I would not buy a leopard gecko from them. Depending on your area you may have a breeder nearby, if not it may be kind of spendy to get just one gecko shipped to you.

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