1. Neri


    A little outside time for picture day! Temperature was high enough for her first day out
  2. B&B Geckos

    Tangerine Female

    Wow! Robust. Gecko Genetics/Blood x Blood/Torrid/ Electric/Emerine. Parents are descended from lines that retain color best. Mother is 10" long and over 100 g. Unedited photo taken in natural lighting. Still has some coloring up to do. Tangerine 6RD15 Sex: Female Hatched: 5/23/13 Weight: 44 g $...
  3. chansbrow

    Gecko Daddy Tangerines

    Our tangerines have been updated with new pics, new weights, and genders. We have some really nice stuff right now. We also have decided to put our best geckos each year into a new collection called "The Top Shelf." This is where you will find our best stuff of the year.:main_thumbsup...
  4. geckoboa

    High quality Tangerines

    I have had a lot of inquiries on when I will release tangerines from my Gecko Genetics male. Well here you go... Gecko Genetics/Blood Hypo Tangerine Female $400 A068- Hatched 6-5-11, 26 grams Gecko Genetics/Blood Hypo Tangerine Female $500 A069- Hatched 6-5-11, 25 grams...