1. elgecko

    New Breeder In The UK.

    I joined the forum a few days ago and thought it was time to say Hi. My Grandson and I are in the process of setting up our Gecko breeding project. He has had a couple of geckos that he was given by his cousin and his interest has grown so much he has now decided he would like to move forward...
  2. acpart

    Gecko Time: Give Them Bread and Circuses

    "Give them Bread and Circuses" --want to know what this week's Gecko Time article is about? Check it out here: Give them Bread and Circuses! - Gecko Time - Gecko Time (note: this article was written on April 1). Aliza
  3. W


    The fiji igs move fast when dinner arrives
  4. Z

    Bio Viv

    Hey I hope this is the right section. I've had a bioactive viv set up for a crestie for about 3 weeks now, with the aim of having everything regulated and good to go by this time. I've been told that cresties need 80-90% humidity at night, and 50% in the day. I've been having real issues with...
  5. W

    Tongue out time

  6. T

    Questions About What Caused Our Leo To Pass.

    Hi, Last night our pet leo, Izzy, passed away. Izzy was our beloved pet for about 6 years and we already miss her very much. We are trying to learn from this experience in order to decide if we did something wrong, or if she just became ill beyond anyone's ability to help her. We also want...
  7. acpart

    Gecko Time: Gecko Time Wants to Know about Crested Geckos

    Our second installment in the Gecko Time quest to learn what experienced reptile keepers think about more advanced aspects of care, breeding and the market. Find out some surprising opinions of three experienced crested gecko breeders: Gecko Time Wants to Know: Crested Geckos - Gecko Time -...
  8. W

    Toe time

    I love gargoyle toes
  9. W

    Tegu Time

    Up close and personal with "Reggie" the Tegu
  10. acpart

    Gecko Time: Gecko Time Wants to Know about Leopard Geckos

    This is the first installment of a new monthly series where Gecko Time asks established breeders some more advanced questions about a particular species. Questions will usually be about breeding, selling and morphs. This installment is about leopard geckos and features responses from Ray...
  11. G


    Hello Everyone. I am new to this forum. I am soon to get a leopard gecko. That's why i am here, so i can learn as much as i can before my adoption. I hate not knowing what to do when it's time to do it. I will be doing a lot of reading and i am sure i will be asking for advise. cant wait to get...
  12. Z

    Getting Worried about my Giant Day Gecko, desperate for help!

    Hello everyone. I've had my Madagascar Giant Day Gecko for a few weeks now. I originally bought the Exo Terra bamboo forest kit from a local pet store and set it all up, when I got him and put him in the enclosure he went right to the foam background to the top of the tank and hung out there for...
  13. Treefolk

    Popularity of Fat tails

    Is it just me or does the popularity of this hobby seem to be decreasing? Is it just the off season, so nobody talks? Seems similar with leopard geckos as well. Seems crazy that people are having such a hard time selling geckos that I saw raptors on morphmarket.com selling for $35. I remember...
  14. W

    Night time ninja

    The lean, athletic physique of these geckos help nightly hunts
  15. acpart

    Gecko Time is back!

    The Gecko Time website was down for a few days but it's back now. The latest article, about the Noir Desir leopard gecko eye trait, is definitely worth reading: Noir Desir - The New Recessive Trait with Leopard Geckos - Gecko Time - Gecko Time Aliza