1. TJacks717

    New Caledonia Native Plants for Crested Geckos *Hoya* (aka "waxvine" or "waxflower")

    Hello friends, I'm entirely new to forums and geckos, but I love and know quite a lot about houseplants. I feel people like you, my fellow gecko enthusiasts, need to know about Hoyas. They are without a doubt the easiest plants to own, EVER. One variety, the "Australis" (native to Australia and...
  2. M

    Chahoua gecko and Enclosure/cabinet

    Female chahoua gecko 3 years old and custom enclosure for sale. Over $2000 invested in this setup including the gecko. Looking for $1500 for both the enclosure and gecko. I bought her from satoo reptiles in Lakewood, OH a few years ago for $850. She is very friendly and does very well with...
  3. R

    Are these mites? Help

    I have a vivarium with Bio Dude Terra Sahara reptile substrate and succulents. It’s been set up for almost a year now with no problems. I haven’t introduced anything new since the set up a year ago. A couple weeks ago I noticed small white and brown insects on the water bowl. I thought they...
  4. H

    Vivarium height ...

    Sooo my partner had a leopard gecko who sadly passed away 2 years ago at the ripe old age of 15. Since then we've bought a house and been renovating so it hasn't been the right environment for a new edition. It's a small house so there are limited places for a viv, I have set aside an alcove and...
  5. M

    Building a Vivarium

    As the title suggest, I am slowly gathering all the supplies needed for a bioactive vivarium. Obviously most if not all live plants need "grow lights", but I've noticed they can be awfully bright compared to a UVB light. My question is would/do the grow lights negatively effect the reptiles. The...
  6. N

    viv for 2 gold dust day gecko

    hello, I am looking to set up a bio viv for two gold dust day geckos in the near future. I was wondering is the 18"x18"x24" would be suitable for two of them? Or would I need to get something bigger? oh, I am looking to get two females at first and then possibly introduce a male later. any...
  7. L

    My leopard gecko always seems hungry

    Hi My leopard gecko always seems hungry. She is an adult, and she seems a healthy size and weight. Her tail is nice and thick, so I think I am feeding her enough. However, everytime I go near her vivarium, she jumps at the glass, standing up, and when I put my hand in she jumps at it. I've...
  8. R

    Glass Chandelier to Vivarium Conversion.

    Hello all. I wanted to share a new project I'm starting on and was looking to pick the collective brain here for thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and concerns. So, it starts with this. A large, 1980's glass and brass chandelier! Got it for $25 at Goodwill. I want to turn this into a steampunk...
  9. P

    Gold Dust lighting!

    I keep my Gold dust in an 18x18x24 enclosure with plants in it. Is there any way there are some UVB bulbs that put out plenty of UVB that do not kill my plants? I was planning to use the Exo-Terra's Reptile UVB-200 as it is the bulb that puts out most UVB and is not hot according to them. Any...
  10. Red Eyed Three

    Yosemite Red™ Manzanita

    We have some great Manzanita wood available, straight from the heart of California. Manzanita wood is one of the most rare, most beautiful naturalistic woods in the fauna industry. There are 106 species of manzanita, 95 of which are only found in our sweet California. Manzanita is extremely...
  11. R

    A new viv for my Mediterranean House Gecko.

    So, I've just upgraded the viv for Hendricks, my H. Turcicus. I found him backstage in the theatre I worked at back in late September 2013. For the past 6-7 months I've had him living in a 1.25 gallon tank. Small, yes, but so was he. Now he's grown a bit, an upgrade has been overdue. Here...
  12. S

    Vivariums for beginners

    Hello everyone, i just had some basic questions about making my very first Vivarium for a Crocodile Skink. This will be my very first Vivarium and i already have an idea of how i want to set it up but I have almost no idea how to care for a vivarium or how to keep live animals in one; I have...
  13. H

    Large self-sustaining vivarium idea

    I would like to make a self-sustaining live plant vivarium with crested geckos, at my disposal I have the following: Crested geckos (Any amount) Glass front opening tank (36 tall, 24 wide, 18 deep - Equal to about 70 gallons) Fog machines (Up to 4) Lights (Any color or size) Heating utilities...
  14. D

    Building New Viviarium

    Trying to get this right before I invest 1k in these little herps. Curious if I should cut 1.5" off of the bottom so rock layer goes across? Misting options/setups. Also wanting to know if I can use pea gravel or is exoterra style a must? Any help appreciated!
  15. D

    Vivarium Special FX (Holo fairy cave, sound/thunder/ plasma lightning/firefly lights)

    Youtube Channel: dmarksvr - YouTube Ok I posted this over at Dendro board and thought maybe some of you guys here would find it interesting, and I'll link to that post rather then re write the entire thing but here are a few videos of some vivarium special fx things I've been working on...
  16. L

    TONS of live plants perfect for your terrarium or vivarium!

    Looking for plants to add to your terrarium or vivarium? We have a variety of plants you can use to create a lush, beautiful cage for your reptiles! Tillandsias of various sizes Assorted varieties 2 - 3" $2.99 each, or 3 for $8.55 Medium Assorted Tillandsias 3-6" $3.29 each, or 3...
  17. D

    Hi :)

    Hi my name is Andrew and im from Norfolk UK. I have just bought my first crested gecko and am looking for advice on building an ambitious Vivarium. My blogspot is Thanks :)
  18. S

    Ten gallon vertical conversion

    This ten gallon was easy, fun, and cheap to make. I highly recommend it! It's > an exoterra and a fraction of the price. Also, Zidane loves it =]
  19. LzzrdBoy

    LzzrdBoy's DIY Leo Gecko Vivarium Project - Red Rock Canyon Style

    So after I picked up the 50 gallon bowfront aquarium on Friday I began to draw up my plans for creating a new vivarium for Neo the Leopard Gecko. As I state in my original aquarium thread, the height is a little much but given the fact it was free, I'm not complaining. I'm going to use this...