New Caledonia Native Plants for Crested Geckos *Hoya* (aka "waxvine" or "waxflower")


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Hello friends,

I'm entirely new to forums and geckos, but I love and know quite a lot about houseplants. I feel people like you, my fellow gecko enthusiasts, need to know about Hoyas. They are without a doubt the easiest plants to own, EVER. One variety, the "Australis" (native to Australia and surrounding islands), is easy to find and very popular in the states. I recently discovered two more varieties (harder to find) actually native to New Caledonia perfect for a Crested Gecko habitat or vivarium:

***Hoya Neocaledonica & Hoya Limoniaca***

If you're familiar with Hoyas, you'll know they're practically indestructible, have stunning and unique wax-like blooms, and are happiest left alone and ignored (no need to sing to these plants).

The Hoya Australis is beautiful and climbs upward, naturally twining around it's own vines or any structure you want. If the New Caledonia-native, pricier, and more elusive Hoyas aren't for you, this bad boy (and many other waxplant varieties) can be found at a local nursery or even big-box home improvement stores from time-to-time. Keep your eyes peeled, you're sure to find them!!

The Hoya Neocaledonica (get it, New Caledonia?) is also beautiful and enjoys the same humidity and temperature you already provide your Crestie!! The leaves and vines are strong and long once matured, perfect for your little friend to climb with a support structure. I do not own a Hoya Limoniaca, but confidently assume it enjoys the same level of care and is just as hardy.

Plant Need Tips: Hoyas are happiest in a bright room, no direct sun light, can also thrive well enough in artificial light or low light (but may not bloom without natural light), and have an incredibly long lifespan. They like to be watered deeply but infrequently, every 10-14 days or so. One thing I would recommend above all else: keep a Hoya in it's grow pot until absolutely necessary; they like to be what's called "root-bound". Simply plant both your pot and plant beneath the substrate in your terrarium, and re-pot in a slightly larger pot only when the roots poke above the pot (every few years or so). You may shock and temporarily stunt your Hoya by planting directly in the substrate; the roots won't know what to do with themselves for some time, and blooms definitely won't happen for a while.

I've been searching forums for suitable crested gecko live plants, and the popular Pothos seems to struggle in the Crested Gecko habitat. I was thrilled to learn there are species of Hoya from New Caledonia and just had to share. I hope someone finds this post helpful, or at least peaks more interest in sharing ideas and researching natural New Caledonia Crestie habitats! Please, if you have any favorite tried-and-true live plants in your Crestie's home, I would love to hear from you!!!
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I have actually been fine with pothos in my crested gecko and gargoyle enclosures, but there are some enclosures where it works well and others where it doesn't get off the ground (so to speak). I often get fake vines and use them to support the pothos so it can climb.
I will check out hoya. One question, though: if they need to be watered deeply but infrequently, how do you reconcile that with daily misting?


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