weight isues

  1. D

    Like impaction but not impaction

    So I got myself a little leopard gecko a while back. She ate sporadically but ate all the same. Pooping and shedding as normal. She didn't have the greatest health when i got her but im used of that as most really nice geckos are hard to find here. So anyway her humidity box is sphagnum moss as...
  2. GeckoMamaArle

    Crested gecko dwarfism?

    Hello! I used to breed crested geckos and all of the babies I've raised over the years seem very large at 2 years old, but one in particular I decided to keep is only 9 grams at (2 years old in August). She eats, climbs, isn't too thin or anything. She's just so small!! Is there such a thing as...