Like impaction but not impaction


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So I got myself a little leopard gecko a while back. She ate sporadically but ate all the same. Pooping and shedding as normal. She didn't have the greatest health when i got her but im used of that as most really nice geckos are hard to find here. So anyway her humidity box is sphagnum moss as the substrate and used kitchen towel or newspaper as her bedding. She has stopped eating and even now its literally maybe 1 cricket the last 2 weeks. I thought maybe impaction so am still soaking her using some olive oil but she poops normally like every day. I have no idea what it is. Her vent isn't swollen from what I see. But she is losing weight in her tail rapidly. I have no idea what to do. Temps are fine its my 3rd gecko and 37th reptile at the moment but I find it so weird. If anyone has advice it would be greatly appreciated.


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Somerville, MA
Keep this gecko far away from the others and wash your hands before and after handling it. You will need a vet visit. Ask them to test for cryptosporidiosis. I'm not saying your gecko has this, but it's a good idea to check.


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