1. W

    Feisty and fantastic

    "Lemongrass" an albino chinese Beauty, given to me as a birthday prezzie last year by Rainforest exotics. Such a wonderful snake
  2. W

    Growing up

    she's soon to have been in our care a year
  3. R

    New Member here

    Hello all... I picked up a Leo from a local breeder at the repticon show this past weekend. I've never owned a Leo before but i've done quite a bit of research and I feel im going to love my animal. I originally purchased him for my 13 year old but it seems im just as involved as she is...
  4. acpart

    Geckcessories Finances 2016

    As a service to the community to help with understanding the costs and benefits of breeding geckos, I'm presenting my financial records for 2016 below. A few notes: a. My "misc." category is primarily for shipping payments and expenditures, as well as medical costs. In addition, I made $500...
  5. W

    looking good for the new year

  6. J

    Hello All

    Hello All! I am brand new to the lizard world. I'm getting my 6 year old son an adult female Leopard Gecko for Christmas. She's an albino and a very pretty yellow. I am well aware that it's going to be me doing the majority of the care for the animal. I have no plans to breed. My nieces...
  7. S


    I'm Natasha, a teacher outside of Boston. I recently got back into leopard geckos after a 13+ year hiatus (off to college, etc.) and holy crap have leos become a lot more complicated/interesting. I've got a 7-ish year old male sunglow, proven breeder (I like adding that because it's on all his...
  8. J

    Help Sexing 1 year old Crested Gecko

    Hi, My cresty is now 1 year old, I am fairly certain it is female. But I'm not 100%. Can I get some help? It started weeing in this picture >_> Thanks JM