SOLD 100% Pure Diamond Python - Male '07 - Sale/trade


Ephesians 4:1-6
Columbus, OH
Up for sale/trade is a beautiful '07 100% pure Diamond Python male (Morelia Spilota Spilota). With paperwork. CBB by Dave Sutton, Cypress Creek x Bailey, and originally purchased by Michael Beach.

Awesome animal with a fantastic temperament. Perfect health. Roughly 6'+. Feeding on F/T rats with no problem. Will make a fantastic addition to any Morelia nut. This guy will not disapoint. If youd like better/more specific pics feel free to ask.

$900 shipped anywhere in the lower 48. Paypal preferred, but credit cards, money orders, or cash (if meeting) also accepted. I dont mind a reasonable (2-3 hours) drive from Columbus, OH to meet if that suits you better. Any money orders would have to clear before delivery.

I would be interested in very specific trades. Namely a 1.1 pair of Leachies, or very select leopard geckos/fat tails/nephurus

Email me at [email protected], feel free to call/text me at 614-403-8247 or you can PM me here on this site.

As always, please see my FB page for terms of sale. Thanks and God bless
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