100 Small Dubias $15.99 SHIPPED! 100 Mediums $39.99 shipped!


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San Diego
We breed our own Dubias at LLLReptile and have plenty of the following sizes in stock and ready to go, along with the original Dubia Chow and Dubia Water Crystals at great prices. Remember - the following prices INCLUDE shipping!

50 Small Dubias - $11.99 shipped to your door!
100 Small Dubias - $15.99 shipped to your door!
50 Medium Dubias - $29.99 shipped to your door!
100 Medium Dubias - $39.99 shipped to your door!

Plus - you can get chow and food shipped with your dubias at no extra shipping charge!

4 Ounce Premium Dubia Chow - $1.99
Dubia Water Crystals (enough to make a full cup of water gel) - $1.49!

are you LOCAL to us ? Come into any one of our 4 stores (Oceanside, Menifee, San Diego and Escondido) and pick up cupped Dubias ready to go along with chow and water crystals. You can pick up 100 Small Dubias for just $5.95 in store!! Make SURE to check with your local LLL first before going in - as we sell out of these weekly, but usually get more by Thursday.

CLICK HERE TO ORDER AND MORE DETAILS: Dubia Roaches, Feeder Dubias, Hissing Roaches, Lobster Roaches, Blaptica dubia - LLLReptile

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