2010 Mexican Rosy Boas Trade for Sand Boas


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Hello everyone,... I have up for trade a litter of 2.3 2010 mexican rosy boas. All are in perfect health, feeding on f/t pinkies like crazy. I am interested in trades for kenyan sand boas and rufescenes sand boas. Albinos,Snows,Dodomas,Anery,pure rufescenes, and will even consider normal adult sized females! Got extra morph males laying around? backup breeders your not using? sub adult singles,pairs or trios you dont have room for? Then lets talk and see if we can help each other out! You can contact me at my email addy [email protected] Thanks,Ken

* * * Will also consider trades for thermostats, heat rope, plastic hatchling rack(with heat) and acrylic show table displays * * *
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