4 year old crested gecko needs a good home!


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When I purchased Silas four years ago, I never imagined we'd move somewhere I wouldn't be able to bring him along, but that opportunity came up, and now I have to give him up. I'm asking $50 for Silas.

Silas is living in a 12x12x18 vivarium that I am also selling for $150 or best offer. This includes a Mist King system with timer. I was in the process of upgrading him to an 18x18x18 vivarium, and have supplies for that as well. I have ads on Craigslist, but haven't had any responses, and I would like to sell him to someone who has experience/knowledge with crested geckos so I know he'll be taken care of...

I live in the San Francisco Bay area, and would prefer to sell him to someone in the area instead of shipping.

Crested Gecko with tank and supplies
terrarium or vivarium supplies
IMG_4624.jpg IMG_4626.jpg IMG_4653.jpg

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