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There has been a lot of chatter lately regarding the goni's. Since there are so few people working with some of the species I thought it would be a good idea to gather some data. I've spoken with a few people regarding trades/breeding advice, but would like to see more of a network situation started.

For example I have...
2.2 Hainanensis
1.2.1 Luii (eggs cooking)
1.0 Araneus

I'm looking to gain araneus and hainanensis and swap/sell luii here shortly and having such a network/database would be handy. Also there has been so much confusion on some of the species it may even be worth the time to do a small little website with pics/descriptions/breeder info that can be updated. That gets a little more technical, but I'm just tossing out ideas. Let's see what everyone thinks and let it go from there.

Looking forward to the feedback,

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I would love to be included in this group. ATM I only have WC males, but I am keeping a close eye on them to make sure their robust and healthy, I am trying to find females for them now. I have

G. Luii
G. Araneus
G. Hainanensis

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