Alright, I think I've decided on a couple crested geckos for my next gecko experience


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Iowa, US
Alright, I think I've decided on a couple crested geckos for my next gecko experience! I'm excited to start getting things ready, but before I go spending my hard-earned money and tossing some unsuspecting live creatures in the mix I want to make sure that I'm doing things right:

I have an empty 50 gallon aquarium that I want to use, and maybe a few plants etc. I was wondering if this tank is too big for 2 crested geckos? Would this size (length) tank be too overwhelming for them to maneuver? Would I have any issues to watch out for? I plan on using reptile carpet mostly, purely for ease of cleaning such a large enclosure, and setting up faux plants/vines/branches for decor - are there any items that I should be sure to avoid?

I've read that cresteds do not need extra lighting (nocturnal) or heating (range 65-85 F) requirements, but I haven't seen a number for humidity - is there a specific % they need, or will "mist once daily" suffice? I live in the midwest, so it's not exceptionally dry or humid here.

Where can I find a good pet-quality gecko or two? I don't need something fancy or rare, just a couple cute little geckos will work great but I would prefer if they have tails. I've looked for breeders online, but I don't know who to go to and shipping seems to be a concern this time of year. I know they sell them at the big chain stores, but at least with fish I know quality and long-term health can suffer when they're purchased there. Is this a concern with crested geckos too, or can I walk in a buy two happy healthy little guys no problem? Anyone know if I would be able to sex with some certainty the geckos there, would I just have to go in and have a peek or are they generally too young?

Well, thanks much for your time, like I said I just want to make sure I do this thing right. Also, just an fyi, I do have experience with fish, a frog, and a leopard gecko so I'm not completely clueless I just lack experience with a little extra info I think I'll really love these little creatures!


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This is an old post so I'm sure that you've gotten everything figured out by now, but incase you havent:

First just let me say that cresteds are awesome! Mine is sitting on top of my computer while im typing this.

Anyways, 50 gallons is fine for two of them however with any animal, you'll want to make sure they are not both males. When determining size with a gecko such as a crested you don't necessarily want space width wise, you want space in height. Crested geckos like going to the highest point of wherever they're at. Its where they feel safest. Plants are good for cresteds for both cover/hiding and climbing, the best kind of decor is of bamboo. Cresteds do not require any extra heat but I find that a small heating pad helps, sometimes you get cold, so do they. When buying anything from a big chain store, you're correct, quality does tend to suffer. However geckos and reptiles in general are pretty hardy so its not as much of a concern, for the best results I recommend going to either a breeder or a reptile convention. Sexing them is fairly easy, males have bulges under the beginning of their tails ( testicles ) and females obviously do not have these. Since you will be housing multiple geckos in the same enclosure, make sure you're supplying enough food. As for misting, I usually mist mine 2-3 times a day, I've noticed that crested have an issue with shedding on their feet, and higher humidity can sometimes help with this.

Also just in case you didn't now, unlike other common geckos such as leopards, the crested geckos tail will NOT grow back if its dropped, A.K.A frog-butt. When handling them be very cautious because they like to jump. Always handle them close to the floor in-case they over jump onto your hand or arm, etc.

Hopefully I've answered some questions!
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