FOR SALE Amazing Investment Quality African Fat Tail Geckos For Sale...


African Fat Tails <3
Northern, VA
Hello all :)

I am now offering up some amazing investment quality African Fat Tail Geckos that I have produced in 2014/2015 season. All of these geckos were produced by me and have been raised under the best possible care. If you are interested in group pricing let me know. We can also offer 60 day payment plans with 20% down. Many more will be available this season but these are some of our currently available geckos.

More photos and geckos available on our website. Serious offers will be considered on some of the higher end geckos. If you want me to take you seriously please no low ball offers. These are quality geckos that have been raised up and the time put into them... we don't dump our geckos at two weeks of age. Most of these geckos are 4 months of age or older and will be ready to breed for the upcoming season.

ID# 15F-037 66% Double het Ghost x Patternless with double connecting side bands 13g Male $150

ID# 14F-064 Banded Oreo 66% het Patternless with double connecting side bands 30g+ Male $500 Free Shipping

ID# 15F-001 Banded Oreo 66% het Patternless 20g+ Female $400 Free Shipping

ID# 15F-013 Banded 100% Double het Oreo x Patternless 12g+ Male $300

ID# 14F-143 Aberrant White Out Ghost 34g+ Male $850 Free Shipping

ID# 15F-048 Aberrant White Out 100% het Ghost 12g+ Male $375 Free Shipping

ID# 15F-015 White Out Oreo 20g+ Male $850 Free Shipping

ID# 14F-152 White Out 100% het Oreo 30g+ Male $300

We are also now offering our first releases of our White Out Oreo Patternless project hets. Please see our website for more information.

Thanks for looking. Please email me or send me a message on FB if you are interested or would like to make an offer.