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Hi, I hope this is the right board to post this on. We have two female leopard geckos, they hatched last summer. Sherbet is a good size with a decent fat tail, she eats mealworms and waxworms and will eat every day, she poos every 3 days (ish) and has shed once since we’ve had her (approx 2 months) her sister Echo hardly ever eats, maybe less than once a week and generally will only eat one worm, usually a wax worm, she poos much less, though they live together so it’s hard to gauge whose poo is whose! She has just started her second shedding and seems to be having no issues with this. She is smaller and thinner than her sister though her tail is still somewhat padded out. I’m just a bit worried about her appetite. We have given her a few probiotic baths which was recommended by our breeder if they don’t eat regularly and they have access to calcium powder, we also dust their worms and feed the worms fruit and vitamins. Should I do anything different?
Their vivarium temp is set at 28-30 and is usually about 27 though it goes up and down throughout the day. They have a warm end and a cool end, plenty of hides, climbing things, a hammock and a damp hide. Are we doing anything wrong or are some geckos just smaller and eat less? All help and advice appreciated. Thanks


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Maybe the bigger sister is taking all the feeders away from the smaller one...she probably trying to eat all the good stuff before the little ones gets it...
If u can...try separate them for a change and see if that makes any difference..
This way u can also collecting their each own poop n u can put them in the ziplock bags(the fresh poop within 1 to 2 hours) and bring it to the vet so the vet can perform a fecal test for ur precious leo baby.
Hopefully she will start eating lots feeders soon..I will send my prayers to ur way :)