Assortment of Breeders


Desert Snow Gecko
Mesa AZ

Sunglow Group (sold)
Female SHTCT Giant (sold)
Female Blazing Blizzard Tremper
Unsexed Super Snow Hatchie
Male Mack Snow
Male Mack Snow Tremper Enigma
Female Mack Snow Tremper Eclipse

Not Pictured (Can email or text pics on request!! Please ask!)
We have some Sunglow Enigma Hatchies that will be ready in 4 weeks
and a Tremper Stripe Hatchie also avalible in 4 weeks.
Male Het Radar

Clearing out my mismatched projects and old gentics. All are super healthy and eating mainly mealies, and dubia with occasional crickets. No resonable offers refused!
Thanks for Looooooking!

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