Big List Of Cornsnake Morphs!


Breeder of High End AFTs
Manassas, VA
This is our current price list . All animals are feeding well on F/T rodent and are individually housed. All prices are plus shipping via Fed Ex unless otherwise noted. Photos and weights can be provided upon request. Animals marked as "Exceptional" are well started, close to yearling sized animals, that are feeding on fuzzies and are nicely colored and patterned. Individual ads for certain animals will follow.

1.1 Amber-$30ea,$60pr
1.1 Amel Striped Motley-$45ea, $80pr
0.2 Anery Bloodred-$50ea
0.1 Anery Bloodred(Exceptional)-$70
2.0 Anery Diffused 66% poss. het Avalanche-$40ea
2.3 Bloodred(Exceptional)-$50ea
1.0 Candy Cane Motley-$70
1.0 Charcoal 66% poss. het Avalanche-$30
1.0 Cremesicle(Exceptional)-$40
2.0 Diffused 66% poss. het Avalanche-$35
2.1 Ghost Cubed Motley(Exceptional)-$45ea
0.2 Ghost Vanishing Stripe(Exceptional)-$55ea
1.0 Golddust het Motley-$35
1.1 Hypo Bloodred-$45ea, $90pr
0.1 Stripe(Exceptional)-$35
1.1 Snow Motley-$50ea
0.1 Snow Vanishing Stripe-$50
2.1 Ultramel Anery-$40a, $70
1.1 Ultramel Anery 66% poss. het Bloodred-$50ea, $100pr

*I accept PayPal, Check, Postal Money Order and Cash
*Shipping is done via FedEx Priority Overnight
*Check my website for a full list of terms and conditions
*I am always open to trades, currently looking for African Fat-Tail Gecko morphs!

David Deem