"Black" Oreo Project


African Fat Tails <3
Northern, VA
So this season I produced two very cool "Black Oreos" from my Oreo projects that are remarkably darker and more black than any other Oreo I've ever produced or seen. If you notice, these Oreos not only have dark Black coloration they also have significantly less reduced White banding. It's important to note I am not claiming this is a new morph or anything along those lines, just simply a really cool looking dark Oreo. I'm going to work with this project to see if I can figure out what's going on if anything.

Here is the first male I produced.

Here is another angle.

Here is the second male I produced next to a sibling at the same size to show the difference between a "Normal" Oreo and a "Black" Oreo.

And here is a completely normal looking Oreo that I normally produce.