Boss is turning her head to food


Boss hasn't eaten for roughly 3 weeks to a month now, except maybe one mealworm. Any time she looks in her mealworm bowl, she just walks away. If I pick one up with tweezers and wave it in her face, which usually sets her off, she just closes her eyes and looks away. This happened once about a year ago, except it was October, not March. We went with ovulation and she eventually ate again after about 2 weeks.

Since she's going longer this time, decided to try other things. I raised her temps a little bit and the temp gun puts it at about 86 in some spots to 94 in others, with a 70-75 cool side. I bought 3/4 inch long dubias to try, which I can't tell if she wants or not. Put them in a plastic bowl that she's more worried about noise from. Put them in a glass bowl and she showed interest, but only looking at them through it and never over. Tried feeding her in a separate container (to avoid them hiding in between tiles and such) and all that did was piss her off. So I put them in the glass bowl again overnight and woke up to 3 roaches still in the bowl. I can't tell if she wants them or not, or what she wants. She spent last night before bed in her cave or rubbing her nose against the glass, which she hasn't done in a while.

What should I do? Also, she hasn't seemed to lose weight. Tail is still fairly large, if anything her armpit pockets that I've tried to get rid of have gone down some.

Neon Aurora

New Member
She is very likely ovulating. Ovulation lasts longer than 2 weeks. She probably wasn't ovulating in October because that would be really unusual. In October she probably went off food for some other random reason. They do that sometimes.

She might not eat for a long time. Some females don't eat for the majority of the breeding season when they're ovulating. You can keep offering, but I wouldn't worry terribly about her. Keep an eye on her weight and she will eat again when she stops ovulating.

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