Camillies Vita-Mealies-The best Mealworm ever!


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Vita-Mealies are a different kind of Mealworm. They have been raised on Organic Wheat Bran, Soy Protein, Hawaiian Spirulina, and Organic Calcium derived from oyster shells. They provide your pet with all these nutrients when consumed. Therefore, there is no need to calci-dust or vita-dust these mealworms prior to feeding your reptile-the nutrients are already there!!!
Visit us at today and order vita-mealies. Prices on site already have shipping added in~ Great Deals!!! We would appreciate your business and your Gecko (or other reptile pet) will definitely appreciate you getting vita-mealies for them!
We also have Darkling Beetle "Grow your own" Vita-mealie kits-they come with everything needed to start your own colony of vita-mealies, plus step by step instructions and free e-mail tech support!
Already have a mealworm farm but need a bedding source? We have our "famous" vita-mealie bedding called "vita-feed" up for sale on our site too! It contains organic wheat bran, soy protein powder, Hawaiian Spirulina, and organic calcium powder derived from oyster shells. This is the same mixture we use for our vita-mealies and it took us years of research (about 15 to be exact) to come up with this combination!
Give us a try and you'll see
That your pets will prefer our vita-mealies
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