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Anyone working with gonis please post weights of your current animals please.

I have the eyelash gecko book which is to date the most published info out on them I know of , but it only has their SVL in mm. I bred some hainanensis about 7 years back and don't believe I ever weighed the adults. I recall them being similar in size to a small leopard gecko like between 30-40 grams. I know caves can grow very slowly. I got a new group in a couple years ago . my old group which i no longer have was LTC and seem to be larger and this group is CB but they are all averaging 15 grams. I have seance decided to give them some supplemental heat as I remembered my hainen breeders had access to a low 80s basking site so hopefully I should see an increase in their metabolism and hopefully they will start growing more with more food intake.

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To be honest I never weigh mine.....

I would have thought that 15-20 grams for Hainanensis would be about right for an adult, Luii and Araneus are larger whereas the Japanese species are smaller.

As for heating, I've never felt the need for additional heat. Most reference material (including the eyelash book) seems to recommend keeping them cooler rather than warmer. I've noticed mine seem less active when temps get up into the 80's and seem to stay in the moist areas a lot more.

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