Chinese Cave Gecko - What am I?


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Hello Guys

A little help needed please.

We have brought a group of Goniurosaurus Hainanensis but some of them look very different to the rest. Has anyone got any ideas as to what these are.

1) Plain Brown One

2) Striped One

3) This is the pair of them together

These two males live very happily with a group of ladies, pictures to be posted in the picture section.

4) This one has really confused us. It is supposed to be a Luii but the eyes are brown rather than the normal orange.

What am I?

Thank you for your time.


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the first two are hainanensis, though the one has a washed out pattern as is seen in wild types on occassion. The last one is a luii and there are a few like that (I have a male similiar to it) with lighter coloration and greenish eyes. there was some conversation a few years ago regarding a green eyed morph/locality or a possible subspecies, but with so little research and so few of them nothing ever came of it. Still, I think I'll shoot a pic to marcus in germany and his take on it, he may know more. Either way you have some cool looking geckos and I hope you get alot of enjoyment from them!