FOR SALE Complete Leopard Gecko Setup! (Everything you need)


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North Carolina
I recently put both my leopard geckos together in the same cage so now I have an extra cage/setup that I am trying to sell.

It is a 20 gallon long tank with a metal screen top that comes with:
- 2 Flukers Clamp Lamps
- 60w Exo Terra day bulb, 40w Zoo Med night bulb
- 3 hides, water dish, calcium dish
- Zoo Med Day & Night Timer for the day and night lamps
- Zoo Med Heat Pad
- Hydrofarm Thermostat for the Heat Pad
- Zoo Med Thermometer & Humidity gauge
- Reptile Carpet

Im asking $150 for the setup. I spent well over $200 on all this and only used it for about a month so it is all pretty much brand new! I live in the Charlotte, NC area so if you live near by and need a Leopard Gecko setup this is a great deal!

If interested let me know!