Couple of Female EBV Boas with size & color

Kangas Kritters

Everybody needs a Kritter
San Ramon, CA
I have two female boas from the East Bay Vivarium for sale or trade.

The larger female is an EBV Red Group Hypo and has lots of red and pink on her. She is 3 pounds 10 ounces and eats frozen thawed rats from tongs.

The smaller female is an EBV Pastel. She is 1000 grams and also eats frozen thawed rats from tongs.

Both are tame and easy to handle. I'm looking for $400 for both plus shipping or am willing to trade for leopard geckos, ball pythons, western hognose snakes and various milks, kings and corns.

My email address is [email protected] and you ca check my perfect feedback on this site as well as at the Fauna BOI.
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