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I have a 4 year old Crested (Born July 29th 2012) and 4 year old Gargoyle (Born September 28th 2012) that I am thinking about selling. I just do not have the time to care for them as I use to. I bought both of them as babies from Both are very healthy, the Gargoyle lays an egg or two once a month. They eat live crickets lighrly dusted in calcium and repashy. They are best friends, cages are side by side and they will hangout next to eachother. In the past I even let them interact with each other with no issues. It has been over and year since I did that. I use to handle them daily for 5-10 min, now once a week to once every 2 weeks. The Crested is a bit harder to handle as she will threaten to drop her tail as she will shake it. You have you pick her up when she is fully awake now. I use to be able to pick her up at any point, and she use to walk out of her cage and onto my hand. The Gargoyle just doesn't care, you can pick her up at any time. They have to go as a pair and together, I do not want to sell them individually. They have a very clam environment currently. I am not in a rush to sell them, most importantly is they go to a home that will provide better care than they have now. Serious inquires only, must have experience with these animals. Located in Long Branch nj 07740

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