Crested Gecko growth questions

Flange Cat

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We've been keeping Crested Gecko's for around 15 months now. We got the first in October 2014. I think she is around 18 months old - but I'm not sure exactly how old she was when she was bought. Anyway, we got a second in May 2015 and keep them together. They get on fine - hopefully a breeding pair but they are still a long way from breeding since they are very small.

With the departure of their primary caregiver (one of the teachers) I will be taking them home to look after.
I weighed them earlier today and am concerned about their weight.
Mr Splashy Pants (f) 18 months? : 11.8g, 15cm
Flexible Individual Savings Account (m) 12 months? : 9g, 13cm
Both gender and age is a guess - neither have been sexed and I don't know when they hatched.

They both eat with no problems - they have been tried with fruit paste and some dried crested gecko food (made into a paste) but they are not interested in it and prefer to eat medium crickets (calcium dusted). We just take the crickets straight out of the tub - dust them and drop them in. Both Cresties will eat them from my fingers.

How often should I be feeding them? Currently they eat an average of about 4 times a fortnight and about 2 - 3 crickets each. Due to issues getting crickets in, they will usually eat well for 1 week and then have a week off. This is usually due to delays in getting the crickets in - the teacher cannot always get to the shop to buy them and after that I do not always know when they are being fed.

They are Regularly sprayed with water - at least every 3 days. They are comfortable being handled and not too skittish,

Their vivarium is 12"x12"x18" and in one of my laboratories in the high school. They have no specific heating but the lab is never particularly cold.

Any help you can give will be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot