FOR SALE Desert Spiny Lizard (Sceloporus magister)


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These Desert Spiny are colorful; prefer a non-dusty, sand substrate, heat stones and basking logs with heat lamps. At night they will hide underground, sometimes leaving just their heads peeking out. They will eat anything that moves; dusted: mealworms, waxworms, crickets, any unfortunate insects that find their way into the house, and smaller lizards if they get the chance. The females have a very unique breeding dance unlike any other lizard I've seen, and have very colorful, orange heads when wearing their mating colors, with colorful yellow backs and tails. The males have/will develop very bright greens, blues, blacks and yellows on the stomach and throat. All of them are vicarious eaters and very active. The juveniles are a tad harder to sex at the moment, but their colors are starting to develop. These guys don't like to be handled, and are biters; often latching onto a part of your hand, and then doing an alligator roll to ensure you walk away bleeding. These are very hardy reptiles.

Males and Females
Juveniles, Late juveniles, Adults

20$ each + shipping and/or willing to trade;

Open To All Sorts Of Trades:
I love anoles, skinks, or anything small and colorful

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