diamond irian jaya carpet python + setup


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New Jersey
20140105_181638.jpg20140106_212905.jpg20140106_212910.jpg20140106_214646.jpg20140106_214718.jpgSelling one of my diamond irian python. 6 month old female. Eating small hoppers. Selling her with 20 long tank set up. Set up includes screen top with locks, water dish, fake foliage leaf vines and wood for a hide as well as coconut shell half hide, new bedding if you like it to be included (shredded cypress bark. It has been baked in the oven to kill any parasites from manufacturing to avoid mites) heat lamp with 65w bulb and exo terra light with repti sun 2.0 bulb if you would like the bulb included.
Asking $250 for everything but willing to accept reasonable offers. Also willing to trade possibly for a translucent veiled cham, nosy be or ambilobe panther cham.
Im located in north east nj morris county. Prefer somewhat local to meet for or do pick up. I have plenty of pictures i can send. Any questions or responses p.m. me. If you cant I will ship and send the set up first then when notice of shipment recieved will send snake right after to know the set up is ready. Or can work other arrangements
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