Do I need to seal my greatstuff/logs with silicone?


New Member
Currently working on a project that involves using great stuff for building a 3D environment for my crested gecko. I want to retain the color of the great stuff (it's medium grey) but I'm pretty sure reptiles shouldn't digest it. Should I use Aqueon Silicone (clear) over the great stuff once it's completely cured?

I looked into this one and it seems like it'd do the job:

Even if I don't need to do this, would sealing the great stuff/potentially sealing wood be a good idea? I plan on using cork so it's mold resistant but I plan on keeping some of the pieces glued in (by using great stuff) and I wouldn't ever want it to start to rot. If I wanted to put moss ontop of the wood/great stuff can it still work if I add a layer of silicone to preserve it? Or would that just kill the moss (and possibly plants I want to add that attach themselves to cork)?

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