Double Het Adult Beardie and Cage


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Emeryville, CA
We are regrettably looking for a new home for our bearded dragon due to the addition of two new children to our home and the smaller apartment that we moved into.

I have visibly check for gender and have been able to find no bulges so I believe "her" to be a female.

She was hatced on 8/27/09 by Dale DellaTorre from Dale's Bearded Dragons (we still have her egg!). Her Sire was "Topaz" Cawley Red x Saturday Red Het Hypo and her Dam was "Amber" Beligium Translucent het Hypo.

We live just outside of Oakland California and I will include her tank (a 40 gallon breeder with folding screen top and light) for free if picked up locally. I am willing to ship her if need be. Asking 175.00 OBO.


Chris Dulany