DVD collection for Trade !!!!


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Hello everyone,....going through the collection and put together a nice group of movies for movie lovers like me( or couch potatoes!) This collection has it all... action,adventure, drama,sci fi,horror,comedy and more. 140+ movies, all originals with original artwork and cases. (I may also have a few movies with no covers or artwork to throw in as well) Looking to trade the whole group for any of the following:

- kenyan sand boa morphs( albino,snow,dodoma,rufescenes,hypo)
- normal adult female kenyans( breeding sized)
- 1.1 black milks( prefer yearling pair but hatchlings are ok too)
- plastic hatchling or sweater box type racks) with heat

The movie collection has a trade value of $500.00 Feel free to email me with any questions and thanks for lookin!!! Ken [email protected]

* * * It seems that my pics are too large to upload, please email for pics.thanks ****