Eating too much?


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I seem to have a very hungry gecko!
I've had him for over 2 weeks now and he's doing greats so far! He was eating right away, didn't mind my hand inside the viv at all, and overall seems really happy. He's a very curious gecko and loves being handled. Everytime I walk into the room, he comes out of his hide and gives me the bigger gecko smile I've ever seen.
I'm worried that he is eating too much though. I feed him about 10 large crickets or 15-20 large mealworms every other day. I also tried super worms and he ate 5! He probably would've eaten more if I let him. I've heard that you can feed them until they get full, but he doesn't seem to get full. At one point, he ate 20 mealworms and 3 crickets in one sitting.
I was told that he is an adult and about 1 year old. However, I think he might be younger! When I weighed him, he weighed 29 grams (that seems too low to be an adult?). He doesn't seem too skinny to me and his tail looks fine. I would like to fatten him up but I don't want him to eat too much!
What do you think?


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