Extreme Emerine Breeders 100% proven het Raptor


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Southern California
This is the pair that produces all my amazing Extreme emerines and EE raptors. Im selling all my geckos to help my bro out with medical bills. He also wants a clown and banana ball python.

Cash price for the male is 420 plus shipping, Female at the bottom of photo is 275 plus shipping, Female on the right is the redstripe jungle EE raptor in my previous post. or I can sell this whole trio 1.2 amazing EE's Het raptor and EE jungle red stripe Het raptor for a total of 1000 with free shipping. Email me at [email protected] Thank you
Male EE breeder 100% het raptor - 420 plus shipping (prices are always negotiable if you can pay in full)
Male is on top left, Female pure EE het raptor bottom - 275 plus shipping (prices negotiable if paid in full) , Far right is the EE jungle redstripe het raptor
Take the whole trio for 1000 and free shipping. Also will trade for Banana / Clown ball pythons.

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