Eyes types


here are some pictures and what they are
eclipsegecko.jpg An Eclipse displays solid-colored eyes. This trait is found in Mack Super Snows, Blizzards, and Tremper Eclipses. The Eclipse trait is recessive, so two Eclipse Leopard Geckos can produce Snake Eyed offspring as well.

Marble eye
marbleeye.jpgRare among leopard gecko morphs, the Marble Eye trait is so named because it describes reptiles whose eyes have a 3-dimensional, marble-like appearance.

Snake Eye
snakeye.jpgSnake Eye morphs are seen in Blizzards and Tremper Eclipses, and are characterized by having eyes that are not completely solid (resembling, in some cases, snake eyes). Breeders usually list the percentage of Snake Eye a leopard gecko has. This percentage represents how much of the lizard’s eye is solid-colored.

raptorleopardgecko.jpgThis is an acronym for Red-eye Albino Patternless Tremper ORange. RAPTORs have red eyes and orange bodies. This morph is the result of combining Eclipse, Patternless Stripe, and Tremper Albino morphs. Reverse Stripe, Carrot Head, and APTOR morphs were all created during attempts to produce the RAPTOR morph.