Female Honduran Boa


Southern leo breeder
Grantville, Georgia
I hate to sell her, but I have another female so this one can go. She is a bit small for her age due to an escape from my friend. She was loose for a while I believe without food, but no worse for the wear. I have her feeding on both F/T and live mice with no refusal to feed. This is a true honduran boa, and not a cross of any kind. I am asking 400 dollars shipped OBO. I accept paypal, Credit/Debit cards(paypal invoice, no paypal account needed to complete trans. ), or US postal money order. May also be interested in trades for Chameleons, select snakes, or geckos(no leos). If you have any further questions on the snake or about ordering just PM or Email me. Thankyou for taking a look,