*FOR SALE* Crested Geckos 1.3 Flame/Dalmation


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West Michigan
Selling a Set of 4 Crested gecko's 1 male and 3 females. These are 2016 babies and have been handled since birth, very calm easy going lizards. They have not breed yet so the females are still in prime condition. They are Flame/Dalmatian, asking $300 obo for all of them, you can purchase through websites at $80 a piece for iffy animals, these are healthy happy and prime to breed if that is your desire. Any questions about care for the animals or inquires please text me or email me any time of day. (We are selling because we decided to go with chameleons to breed instead of gecko's and would like to have them go to another reptile lover). Also includes 29 Gallon tank with top and full florescent light, along with everything in the tank in the picture. 231-683-6097



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