Geckos not interested in feeding


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Newcastle Australia
I have a couple of Marbled velvet geckos (oedura marmorata). I have had them for nearly four weeks and they just don't seem interested in eating. When I got them, they had nice fat tails, however, I think the male's tail is a little thinner. One of them shed the other week (i found it under a hide). They are both still very full of energy. The temperature at the warm end of the habitat is about 30-32C while the cool end is at about 26. I have red desert sand as the substrate. I have white lights with UVB 2.0 globe during the day and blue LEDs at night.
The female is much more timid than the male and does not like being handled. I tried forceps feeding male this morning but he just did not want to go for the cricket. The breeder told me they were eating medium size crickets, however, I thought that maybe they were a bit large, so I got small ones last week. I don't know what to do. He said that they don't eat much. I watch them in the evening and the crickets just walk past them! I thought the reptile instinct was to pounce on them.
Any suggestions?


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