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Istanbul, Turkey
Hi everyone!
We have 2 adult beardies, Sapphira (15 months, 450 grams) and Shurikan (20 months, 350 grams). The problem is that we were not sure on their genders but since they get along very well we have put them together a few months ago in a 150 gallon tank. They have been mating for a month now and it seemed that Shurikan was a boy till yesterday! Sapphira mated as if she is a boy and it was not only a domination act like sitting on its friend, biting a bit from its neck etc. but also a real mating bevaviour. I have taken some close-ups. Can you please help us on their genders?
Many thanks in advance!
1) Sapphira
bb1.jpg bb2.jpg

2) Shurikan (one single bump)
bb3.jpg bb4.jpg bb5.jpg

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