Get The skin Off!!!!


The Gecko Guide

When you first start keeping Geckos, this is the one of the most fascinating parts. At first it can be quite unnerving seeing you pride and joy turning a white colour, and getting all Casper The ghost off his nut!!!!....but this is perfectly natural and indicates that you Gecko is about to shed its skin. In the early stages, when the Gecko is young, they will shed their skin quite often as the old skin becomes too small. This tends to slow down as the Gecko gets older.

Sometimes you will be unaware that that you’re Gecko has shed their skin, as they will eat it before you get a chance to see it. (Bit like my Girlfriend with my pay cheque!) But some Geckos will not eat their skin and simply leave it for you as a present (unlike my Girlfriend with my pay cheque)

One thing worth noting is the Geckos ability to detach their tails. This is a defence mechanism, and not all species will grow the tail back. This not the case of the Leopard Gecko, the tail will grow back because he is a gangster!! The tail on the Crested Gecko will not because he is a flapper! :)

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